Porsche 924 Roll cage

After getting a really cheap second hand ‘half’ roll cage for the Porsche 924 I’ve had some inquiries for measurements for people who wanted to make their own without any mistakes.

Only downside is the welds, those have to be redone, I’ve found some porosity inside some of the welds which isn’t great. Especially for safety equipment

Why a half cage and not a full cage?

  • first of all those are illegal for street use (in Belgium)
  • easy to get in and out for daily driving
  • relatively cheap

Another requirement to pass Belgian vehicle inspection is that the cage has to be bolted in, a welded in cage (which is better for rigidity obviously) won’t pass inspection. I suspect it has to do with crumble zones in the chassis.

I’ve started drawing the frame in Autodesk inventor in a couple of 3D sketches and using frame generator to complete the model using 38/4 mm tubing

Note that mine is a couple of mm shorter due to the weld in plates for the chassis and roll cage itself. The drawing should fit any Porsche 924, 944 and 968 Chassis including Targa models.

Just a statement, I was not the one who painted the inside (including the wiring)

In order to make a ‘bolt-in’ roll cage I made some plates and tapped them using short 12mm bolts, the tapped plates were then welded in to 4points on the chassis and 4 other plates with 13mm holes were welded to the cage.

Now we have a bit more security in case of a roll over or side impact.

And most of all 100 points of extra street cred.

Just not sure if I’ll be painting it in bright pink or just black.

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